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Red Carpet VIP Membership

$149 per month

Click Here for information about Yoni Steaming

Code will be Provide Once Membership has be established.

Hydrofacial (Hydrodermabrasion):

Are you stress and just need some relaxation? This facial is for you this custom facial includes hydrodermabrasion, decollete treatment, hand massage, and parafin wax treatment that leave your hands nice and smooth! Hydrodermabrasion is an aqua skin resurfacing treatment that integrates vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration and infuses serums into your skin. Which can help improve uneven skin tone and texture, acne scars, melasma, minor fine lines, clogged pores, and black heads!

Loyal Facial Session Options:

Signature Facial

Men's Signature Facial

Yokie's Signature Back Facial

Oxygenating Facial

Dermaplaning Facial


Enzyme/Deep Exfoliation Facial

Acne Facial

Intimate Skin Care:

4 Different Vajacials Options

Signature Thacial

Signature Bootyful Behind

Royal Waxing

$99 per month

This membership includes a monthly

Brazilian wax + our calming vajacial + underarm wax.

for ONLY $99 per month!

Also includes access to a discounted service menu!

You can choose to upgrade your vajacial for an additonal fee, but please keep in mind our calming vajacial is the only vajacial that can be offered the same day as your wax appointment. You will have to wait

at least 72 hour (3 days) for our other vajacial treatments.

1. Calming Vajacial (Same Day as Wax)

2. Ingrown/Clogged Pore Vajacial

3. Brightening Vajacial

4. Signature Vajacial

Loyal Member

$25 per month

This membership includes access to a 10% discounted

service menu on most spa services.

ONLY $25 per month!

Wax Pass !

$55 per month

Monthly Brazilians ($65 regular)

Wax Pass Plus !

$65 per month

Monthly Brazilians + Underarm wax ($85 regular)

Sugaring Wax Pass !

$75 per month

Monthly Sugar Wax Brazilians ($85 regular)

I Love Facials !

$65 per month

Perfect for the Yokie Babe who loves getting pampered! Come in once a month for our Signature Facial or Bacial.

Regular priced $75/$85

I Love Platinum Facials !

$85 per month

Yokie Babe who loves getting pampered but wants extra TLC! Come in once a month for one of our Platinum Facials valued at $99. Unused facials can carry over into next month! Want to upgrade to the Royal Treatment or Ultimate Facial? No Problem! You will get 50% off your upgrade.

Birthday Club

$99 per year

Join our Birthday Club includes 1 free upgrade a month

+ 10% services + a complimentary beverage!

On your birthday month get 50% off one service + 10% off products!

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